2 inch Willows come in a 10pk for $2.50 More pics of these in our Photo Albums. 

** 3 inch willows are available also for $3.00 per 8pk..... 

These 2 inch willows work perfect on a 1/16oz jig-head with a size 4 hook under a bobber jigged in the shallows. I personal have caught my biggest crappie of 19 3/4 inches on these. 

Crappie Stingers

3-1/2 inch Stingers come in 10 per pk for $3.25

2-1/2 inch Stingers come in 14 per pk for $2.75

1-3/4 inch Stingers come in a 12pk for $2.50

Theses can be made in Laminate colors ( no laminate plates here) with a twin injector, solid colors, or 2 tones ( body 1 color, tail a different color) Can be scented

Any color combos can be made in these. Examples are in the photo album.